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Travelling to a New Place


When it comes to ‘place,’ this can mean an emotional, or spiritual, or mental place, not just a physical place.  And you can bring your same people with you to the new place, if they want to come.  Or maybe you will need new people for your new place.

In the first half of 2016 I got to a new place.  A place where I was done with my university degree and didn’t know where to go next.  I drifted aimlessly for a few months, treading water, not going anywhere.  Then, at the end of October, my niece encouraged me to do NaNoWriMo.  I didn’t officially sign up for it, and I didn’t commit to a 50,000 minimum word count, but I did start writing for just 15 minutes a day on an idea I had for a novel.  The first week was brutal.  Every day I thought about those 15 minutes, and it seemed like they would be the most difficult 15 minutes to endure for the whole day.  I had to push past the discomfort, push past thinking what I was writing wouldn’t be ‘perfect,’ and push past all my self doubt.  When December 1st rolled around, I kept going.  Saturday, the last day of the year, I reached over 20,000 words written.  I can undeniably say I am in a different ‘place’ now than when I started.

And I’ll be in a different place tomorrow too.

I don’t know if I’ve exactly found happiness in this new place I keep going to.  Maybe I’ve found meaning.  Maybe it’s purpose.  But I know for sure that I am moving forward, which is a heck of a lot better than standing still.  Because, like the picture says, I won’t find happiness in the same place I lost it.  It absolutely must be found in a new place.  And I intend to keep travelling to a new place each and every day this year.  And I look forward to where I will be at the end.


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