UP and then DOWN again

Okay, deciding ten years ago to go back to school part time and finish my BA was hard enough.  I still cannot believe I was crazy enough to apply to do an honours degree.

I applied for the honours programme back in 2008.  I hadn’t written my first novel yet, and I didn’t know that I would fall in love with creative writing.  A few years later, I realized I wanted to follow a creative path, but I had already come so far with the English degree, that switching to a Fine Arts degree would have meant adding a number of extra years to the whole process.

So, here I am, stuck with this one last hurdle to clear in order to get my degree this spring.

Things are an up and down roller coaster for me.  I did get the French done [UP] and my thesis draft done [UP], but I’m in the middle of the revision process on my thesis, [DOWN].  My supervisor, after reading my 40 pages, actually said, “So what?”  There were some tears on my part.  But now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I realize I did all this research and I basically forgot to say what I think, why I think it, and why it matters.  So I need to really work at crafting a constructive argument through all the stuff I pulled together for the draft.  The thesis final version is due March 15.

I just have to keep working and hope for the best.



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2 responses to “UP and then DOWN again

  1. You can do it Kiera! Pretty much everyone I have ever known who has committed to doing a thesis gets reduced to tears at some point (or hospitalized). Its a stressful process. You’ll be fine. You’ll finish!

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