I’m Afraid to be Vulnerable

I just ‘outted’ myself to a friend and told her I have a sad, neglected blog about my writing. It is true, this blog is neglected.  But as I read through my entries, I realize this blog has a few good posts, so maybe it’s not all that sad afterall.

I am my own worst enemy with my thoughts. My thoughts stop me from writing. My thoughts, when put down on paper (or the electronic equivalent), make me vulnerable.  I should try to stop letting my thoughts prevent me from being creative.

My thoughts almost stopped me from getting the draft done of my thesis essay. I had to just force myself to not be paralyzed by self doubt. I can fix whatever my thesis supervisor says is wrong with my draft. What I would not have been able to fix, was not getting it done. So I did it.

Now, on to two months of revisions, and by sometime in April I should have a grade. I very much hope the grade is good, and I will finally get that elusive ‘piece of paper,’ otherwise known as Bachelor of Arts degree (with Honours).


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