Ghosts of Blogs Past

Relating to my previous entry “From Blog to Book Deal” about character development (me) in a blog (about my life), I could not have written that without my new secret addiction to reading blogs in general.

But not blogs about writing, god no, that would just be a reminder about what I want to be doing and for reasons too numerous to mention, I am NOT doing.

Inevitably what has been happening is I stumble across a blog archive, (I’ve discovered time travel, really, I have), sometimes going back to the year 2005 or 2006.  I start reading and then after a few years of entries, the blogger hits a brick wall.  This wall divides their character that developed and progressed through enough of a change to reach a climatic conclusion, (maybe even meriting a book deal), and their character that they find is still changing past the end of their ‘book.’  It takes me back to that now cliché saying that ‘life is a journey, not a destination.’  Many bloggers take up the mantle of participating in the blogosphere to enact a change in themselves (myself included), only to find the momentum keeps going, and maybe not in the direction of they thought when they started their blog.

Thus begin the blog entries trying to reconcile who they were when they started their blog (and the readership they attracted because of that character) and who they are now, which is different, and the ensuing struggle because they don’t want to disappoint their readers.  These are the people that fear the Annie Wilkes’s of the world are going to come at them with an axe.  Remember Annie, from Stephen King’s Misery?  I mentioned Annie on my Blog in June of last year too, (really, June?  Weird).  When Annie gets a hold of her favorite writer Paul Sheldon, she finds out he is writing something different now, a detective novel with a bunch of swearing in it.  He tells her who he is as a person has changed, and he doesn’t want to write the historical romance novels anymore.  Annie Wilkes decides he’s not allowed to change and write something different.  EVER!

Change is allowed, we have to adapt.  I said before my problem was I haven’t changed enough.  I haven’t really moved much further past the point where I started this blog.  But I have changed, I just haven’t adapted the changes to what I still want to accomplish with my writing.  My momentum is slow, but slowly, I am changing.  I even changed the point of view in my second novel for that 487 words I magically wrote the other week.  Now it’s time to finish some editing on novel number one and keep that ball rolling.


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