From Blog to Book Deal

I’ve seen the phenomenon that a few blogs around the web lately, (which are a good example of creative non-fiction), have become books.  In most of the creative writing courses I’ve taken over the years, creativity was stressed, rules were not.  But if there is one rule about characters in any story (even if it’s a true story written in the first person), the rule would be that your character should change over time.  The best blogs have the biggest changes in the main character, progressing from the start to some sort of climatic conclusion, and those seem to be the blogs being offered a book deal to turn their blog into a story in print.

That also means no one is coming knocking on my door to offer me a book deal on this blog any time soon.

My character (me) has not progressed very far from where I started this blog.  I haven’t read all the books in my reading list that I wanted to read.  I haven’t finished my second novel.  I haven’t published my first novel.  I don’t blog every Friday like I used to fearing I would be using scheduled blogging as a reason to procrastinate other creative writing.  Instead I just blog when I have something to say that may or may not be relevant to my writing struggles.

But I’m not going to give up.  I love writing, even writing this blog entry.  Thus, my story continues.



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2 responses to “From Blog to Book Deal

  1. As long as you don’t give up! That’s the key 😀

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