Trying to be Perfect

I came across a blog the other day and there are just two words to describe it: well written.

And it’s not even the subject matter of her blog.  She could be writing about anything and because she writes well, it is highly readable.  I think that is ultimately why I procrastinate about writing the essays I’m assigned, because even if I tell myself things like—it doesn’t have to be perfect, all you really need is a B, even though you want an A—I don’t believe it.  I want everything I write to be well written, and well, I’ll just say it, perfect.  Therefore my fear that I wouldn’t meet that standard stays my hand.  I end up banging out 1800 words (Sunday) with only 48 hours until the deadline (and the required 2250 words).

Now my essay is finished, and no, it’s not perfect.  (Neither is this blog).  But it’s done.  🙂

My essay was on:

The final exam is on April 20, and then I’m done, for now, with Victorian Literature.



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