iPad Addiction

I didn’t think it would happen, but I am totally addicted to my iPad.  Watching my niece and nephew with their hand held game systems they take everywhere, I pretty much thought the iPhone was more of the same: a toy.  So part of me thought the iPad was a toy too, except in the case of the iPad, it was just a really big expensive toy.  Oh, and you could also read books on it.  But once I got it, there was no going back.  Any book I want, anytime.  The world wide web for reference, and anything else I can think of, thanks to wi-fi.  A built-in dictionary with just a touch of the word in question, what’s not to love?  In my spare time, I am pretty much on my iPad constantly, (and in my not so spare time too).  And I’ll admit, I take it to bed with me every night.

In addition, I love how Word Press blogs are optimized for iPad.  Who knew being told to “swipe me” would be so fun?  Now I have to come up with a photo for each of my blog entries, because it just looks so much better that way on the iPad.  The photo becomes the title and background, it’s so great.  So, for this blog entry, I’ll mention how fortuitous it is that I am studying Jane Eyre, because there is a brand new movie adaptation with Michael Fassbender, one of my new favourite actors since seeing him in Inglorious Basterds, The Centurion, and X-Men: First Class.  I haven’t seen A Dangerous Method yet, but I am looking forward to that one too.



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  1. Hey, I know BJ is addicted to games, but I’m not usually so into them! It was only because it was Christmas vacation…. honestly.

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