To Essay or not to Essay

Just because I’m not working on my novel, doesn’t mean I’m not writing.  Just because I’m not blogging, doesn’t mean I’m not writing.  Do all those emails I put out per day count as writing?  Do I get credit for those?  I agree though, there should be no credit for status updates on Facebook as writing.

What I want to get credit for (and by credit, I mean give myself a pat on the back) is my essay writing for class.  I just finished a nice little 1400 word essay on a novel The End of Spring by Sahar Khalifeh.  Now, I’ve thought about posting it on my blog, to prove I am writing something.  But for some reason, I feel confident putting my inner most thoughts and struggles with my writing onto my blog for all the world to see, (when I take the time to post it), but I hesitate to ‘publish’ my essay.  There is just something about ‘scholarly’ writing that holds it up to a higher standard, and then I get worried that somehow I’m not ‘allowed’ to put my essay on my own blog.

Some of my hesitations centered around, “Am I allowed to quote someone else on my blog?”  Of course, I’ve already credited the quotes I use in the body of the essay, so it’s not like I’m quoting people and not giving them credit.  This was a textual analysis of a novel, so our professor said we didn’t have to have a works cited page.  I mean, I’ve already cited the work by saying I read such and such novel by so and so, so it is nice not to have to look up the publisher, and use a MLA format citation, yadda, yadda, yadda. 

And there is another one of my hesitations.  Phrases like yadda, yadda, yadda, (not that it was in my essay).  If I recall correctly, the phrase ‘yadda, yadda, yadda,’ was coined on an episode of Seinfeld.  Does that mean they own it?  Can I use it as part of my vernacular without giving credit to its origins?  In a scholarly essay, perhaps not, perhaps it would be plagiarism.

Plagiarism.  A nasty word.  When my essay is examined for plagiarism, will they come across a copy of it on my blog and want to investigate me?  Is the author of the Navigator Series blog the same author as the essayist?  Yes, but why put myself under the scrutiny?

And another thing.  Is it okay to cut and paste book covers on my blog?  I mean, isn’t this free advertising for the author?  The other day, I was being a tourist in Squamish, BC.  I got to see where they filmed an episode of the X-Files, (it is the episode from season 3 called Paperclip filmed at Britannia Mines that I’m referring to).  But when we were in a store and wanted to take a picture of an Inuksuk made of jade, the store owner said we weren’t allowed to take pictures in her store.  She said it was because one time there was a painting by someone in the background of a picture that got on the internet, and she wasn’t allowed to put a reproduction of a painting on the internet without the artist’s permission.  Now, on the face, that sounds okay.  Yes, permission of the artist sounds like something I’ve heard before.  BUT, this was a painting on display for sale to the public.  Wouldn’t a copy of it on the internet be free advertising?  Wouldn’t it prompt people who saw the picture, to maybe want to find out where they could go buy one?  If it is so private that you need permission to display it, then why is it up for sale to the public?

So, I guess I’ll just say that I hopefully wrote a good essay on The End of Spring and I won’t be putting the essay on my blog.  Too many things to worry about these days.


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