No Fear

I reference pop culture a lot, I know, and here I go again.  Years ago, there was an episode of “Friends” where Rachel wanted to move up in the world.  Which was to say she wanted to stop working as a waitress, and get some kind of job in the fashion industry, liked she had dreamed of when she first left her fiance at the altar two years earlier to move in with her high school friend Monica in Greenwich Village.  Without being able to recall the episode exactly, if I think the main theme was Rachel was stuck in a rut as a waitress because she had ‘no fear’ to motivate her.  She already had a job, so at the end of the week her bills got paid, and therefore it was too easy to keep doing the same old, same old.  So Rachel gave two weeks’ notice at her job, and with the end of her steady (albeit small) paycheque as incentive, she went looking for a new job more related to her dream field of work.  After some comedic stress and panic, and a few doors shut in her face, happy ending, Rachel got a new job. 

Well, me too, I have it way too easy, and have no fear.  Not that I want to lose my job or have financial stress as a motivator, but it is far too easy right now to keep doing the same things week in and week out.  Do my job, do my current homework for the course I’m taking towards my degree, and completely forget that I ever wrote a novel, or got half way through a second one.  No query letters get sent.  No work on a new chapter is done.  And a change in the word count requirement for the CBC Literary Awards stopped me from even entering a writing contest last month.  Therefore, nothing is being done towards my dream of becoming a published writer, and currently, it is way too easy to keep it that way.

Okay, I’ve admitted the commitment to finish my second novel is difficult, and so I’m ignoring it most of the time, and so what? Am I too lazy to get back at it?  Am I taking the easy way out?  No, I’m not a lazy person.  I wouldn’t be trying to finish my university degree if I was lazy.  What would be really easy is to stop doing extras like schooling, and just live each day.  But that’s not me, that’s not the person I think I am, and if it was, I wouldn’t have even hammered out this self serving (and hopefully self motivating) blog entry. 

I like looking towards the future.  I see myself always writing, because, the fact is, I love to write.  So I have to start making that a part of my day.  So that even if ever being published is a long way off, the fact is I still write anyway.


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