Mrs. Doubtfire

Whenever I need to motivate myself, to get my office paperwork caught up and clean the house type of chores, I turn on Mrs. Doubtfire. 

This may seem like a strange choice.  Maybe housecleaning would be more inspired by an episode of Hoarders?  But for some reason, the story of Mrs. Doubtfire speaks to something in me, and it never fails to help me gather myself together and get things done.  Maybe it’s because over the course of the movie we see major development and change in the primary character.  Robin Williams’s character of Daniel is transformed from an unemployed, messy, disorganized dad, into a fully employed, clean and organized nanny.  The physical change of Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire is funny, but to me it symbolizes the idea that you can choose who you want to be.  Today, I can be the gal who doesn’t get anything done, or I can be the gal who has a clean house, and sits down tonight with a good book without guilt, knowing my work is caught up, and my life is on a productive track.  I guess I’m just trying to inspire my own character development.


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