Similar Theme

In truth, most of my blog entries have had a similar theme:  I need to get writing.  I haven’t written anything.  Why aren’t I writing anything!?!

When I took second year poetry my instructor slammed me for this habit of being stuck in a loop when it came to theme.  She accepted me into the third year class with the caveat, “No poems about writing, how you write, or why you write.”

It is true, my internal dialogue keeps going back to what I want to be doing, namely writing, and now why I keep finding reasons not to do it.  And yet the very process of this blog has ended up being writing about why I’m not writing, therefore giving me a small excuse to let my mental loop off the hook with, “Well, at least I wrote in my blog.”

Pretty boring reading for anyone other than my mother, I suppose.  Maybe for her too.

I watched a movie today “Contagion,” where blogs were mentioned.  There seemed to be some question as to whether or not the owner of the blog was a ‘real’ writer.  The naysayer said, “Blogs are just graffiti with punctuation.”  I’m not saying I agree with that, but I thought it was a pretty cool line nonetheless.  🙂




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2 responses to “Similar Theme

  1. “Blogs are just graffiti with punctuation.”

    You’re the second person I know to say that, now I know where it’s from 🙂 I really like that. The graffiti culture is all about signature and you know “fighting the man”… I like that idea. It’s a form of rebellion. You’re allowed to say whatever you want on your blog… there isn’t much censorship (if at all), whereas, with literature, you have to first be published to get your words out there…

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