Like Quitting the Gym

Getting out of the habit of writing everyday was like quitting the gym.  When I first start writing, I had nothing to compare it to, so sometimes the writing came slowly and I’d write for only a short time.  Then suddenly I’d have an invigorating writing marathon one afternoon, and get thousands of words under my belt.  Either way it felt just fine, I had nothing to worry about.  And when I first joined the gym, I did my 30 minute workout with vigor, and came back three more times that first week.  Some weeks I’d workout three times a week, sometimes four or five.  Either way it was great.

It was something that easily became a habit.  The writing.  The workout.  Then my term at the university ended, they closed my gym, and before I knew it, I got lazy.

I went and tried to get back into my writing.  I started a blog; I changed character points of view; I started a whole new section of my novel; I wrote a short story.  And I tried to join a new gym.  I paid my money for a three month membership; I signed my name on the dotted line; I changed into my inside runners; I jumped on a machine.  But it felt strange.  It wasn’t as easy as I remembered it.  I got tired very quickly.

When I was last making progress on my novel, I was in a writing class with other people trying to accomplish the same goals.  When I joined the gym the first time, I joined with a friend.  Where does that leave me?  Out of shape and on my own to figure this out.  Instead, I’ve been wasting time re-reading books I’ve already read like The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown).  Dan’s books make me feel like I’m still in school. 🙂


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