It took someone saying “Why don’t you take a break from writing your novel and write something else instead for a while” to get me going.  It was exactly like having someone try to take away my toy, as a child, because I wasn’t playing with it anymore.  All of a sudden, with the prospect of it being taken away, I wanted to play with it again.  I thought, but it’s mine!  And I felt possessive of it.  How dare anyone suggest because I wasn’t playing with it, that I didn’t want to play with it anymore.

I know my reaction was childish and immature, but it wasn’t planned or contrived.  It was a pure honest reaction, and it was enough to make me pause, and then open my novel file and start writing.

Admittedly, I did change the story’s point of view from the first word.  I suppose that is sort of like writing something else for a while.  I went back into my original point of view from my first novel, and it was like greeting an old friend.  I may not keep these pages as part of the final finished work, but I am happy to report, I am writing something other than just this blog.


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