In an effort to avoid my writing (not that I have to make much of an effort these days), I just finished rereading Misery.  Afterall, I had taken it off the shelf to take the picture for my last post. 

Page 111 —

“There was no ten-second deadline, of course—he’d had no contract for the book, had written it on spec, and hence there was no delivery date to think about.  Yet there was always a deadline, a time after which you had to leave the circle, and most writers knew it.  If a book remained roadblocked long enough, it began to decay, to fall apart; all the little tricks and illusions started to show.”

 Man, that Stephen King sure knows what he’s talking about.



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3 responses to “Deadline

  1. Rebecca Sundberg

    Even though, judging by his output, he’s obviously never suffered from anything remotely resembling ‘writer’s block’.

  2. It is true, get the words out and onto paper. They’re oppressive and can take control of your life until they fade into nothingness.

  3. You never know, he could’ve had writers block before he ever got his first book published. That’s when it tends to hit us hardest, and it’s also when it’s hardest to recover from. Besides, it’s not like he’d go out of his way to say that he had writer’s block.

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