Frustration is a Product of Expectation

Whenever we go on a trip or a holiday, I imagine ahead of time that I will have all this leisure time to fill.  So I pack my laptop.  I pack notes on my current novel in progress.  I also pack a book, a movie, and my iPod loaded with audio books. 

Then I only end up using the iPod, which is easy to listen to while driving, flying, or waiting at an airport.  And, as this is usually the case, you’d think I would have learned by now NOT to expect to find any time to write and work on my novel, (I’d have to make time, not ‘find’ it).  And I would save myself the frustration of not living up to that expectation.

Yet, as I packed for a six day trip last week, I did the same thing again.   I packed the laptop which was only used hurriedly to check email and post one status update on Facebook.  I brought the notes on my current novel in progress, but didn’t think much about them, except for fleeting moments of guilt that were quickly shoved aside.  I did not write anything, I did not read anything, and I only listened to the iPod once.  And now I am frustrated, again.

But we had a great trip, writing or no writing, so I have decided to save myself any more frustration and regret, and forget about trying to ‘catch up’ on my writing.  I’m just going to jump in where I am.


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