The Big Bang Theory and the Canterbury Tales

The course list at UBCO for September is finally up, and to finish my English degree, I have to take courses covering certain time periods of literature.  It looks like Medieval is up next on the list, so it’s time to revisit the Canterbury Tales.  Luckily for me, Thursday night’s rerun of The Big Bang Theory mentioned them.  I think that is why I like that show so much.  Sheldon’s “jibber jabber,” and the rest of them, (Howard’s ‘you’re quark blocking me’ being a particular favorite of mine), usually remind me of some useless factoid I heard once in some far distant university class.  Watching Big Bang makes my university education (which amounts to knowing only a little bit, but about a large variety of things, which is better than knowing not much about nothing) seem a lot more worthwhile and ultimately entertaining.

So back to the Canterbury Tales.  Thanks to their comedic inclusion in Thursday’s episode, I’m very much looking forward to reading in particular The Miller’s Tale, despite the archaic Middle English language the tales were written in.  All I have to do is imagine Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) snorting with mirth at this ‘dirty’ little story, and having to slog through a read of it myself doesn’t seem so bad.  I haven’t even looked at Middle English since second year.  Maybe they will have us read an updated version, although that would probably defeat the purpose of studying this time period of literature in the first place so I won’t hold my breath.  And I should rewatch the movie A Knight’s Tale, where Geoffrey Chaucer is actually one of the characters, just to get myself in the mood.



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3 responses to “The Big Bang Theory and the Canterbury Tales

  1. We Irish call Satan Old Nick. Guess which popular medieval book coined the phrase?

  2. Carolyn

    Just checking out your blog. Nice to have met you and good luck with your writing.

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