Changing it up

My job really kicked my butt these last two weeks.  Looking back, I see myself surrounded by towering stacks of paper, like in some kind of funny cartoon where you laugh at the person, all the while thinking ‘thank goodness that isn’t me!’

But all this drama in my job has got my creative juices flowing.  I am energized just to have got through it all.  Now I feel like breaking all the rules that I think apply to junior and young adult fiction (but really, there are no rules), namely using multiple points of view.  Suddenly, I feel reckless.  I feel like cutting the story off (where I’m stuck) and writing from a different point of view.  I feel like getting into the head of one of my secondary characters as a way of furthering the storyline, which includes lots of background information due to the fantasy nature of my story.  If we are in someone else’s head, I like the idea that the reader will know more than the primary characters.  On the other hand, if I just have the secondary character blurt out all the information I want the reader to know, it’s just one big conversation (boring!).  Time for a different point of view, a change in timeline, a flashback.  Something is bound to get unstuck if I just sit down and start writing.



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2 responses to “Changing it up

  1. I’m doing something like that in Wolf Song. All through the book, I have lots of different points of view, coming from Broken Dawn (the wolf leader), Star and Feather. Then I had this idea for a conspiracy, and because I didn’t want any of my main characters to know about it, I’m going to write a chapter from the point of view of Smudged Sky, a wolf pup. I think before this chapter, Smudged Sky is only mentioned once or twice as a passing glance. Then I realized that the rest of the book couldn’t happen the way I want it to if I don’t make one chapter deticated to her. It’s funny how characters that originally seem like background suddenly hold life and death in their hands (or in this case, paws)!

    • Wow, that sounds like a great plot line. And it is amazing how a secondary character can suddenly change the whole story. Awesome! I can’t wait for us both to finish (hopefully by the end of the summer, or by Christmas) so we can read each other’s second books. 🙂

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