Everything Except Writing

Right now, I’m doing everything except working on my novel.  I had a due date of April 20 to turn in the revisions of my long poems for class, and I procrastinated for two weeks before finally getting them done with only one day to spare.  It was like that deadline was a brick wall between me and all the writing I wanted to accomplish this month.  I’ve been working at my job, of course, but in an effort to avoid the revisions, I read The Land of Painted Caves, by Jean M. Auel.  Then I watched way too much television, The Kennedys (History Channel), Games of Thrones (HBO), just to name a few.  Then I just watched a bunch of  movies, like The King’s Speech, where Lionel asked the Duke of York if he stammered when he talked to himself.  “Everyone natters to themselves occasionally,” Lionel said.  I could really relate to that.  I natter to myself, I’ll admit it.  In fact, I have a constant conversation with myself, some of which sounds exactly like this blog post, where I ask – why I am a wasting my time distracting myself from all the writing I want to get done, and therefore not writing much on my novel at all?

I keep thinking if I get everything else done first, then I can get to my writing.  But the truth is, ‘everything else’ is never done.  I just have to schedule time for the writing, along with everything else, and that’s that.  My niece had an interesting blog post yesterday, read it here.  I particularly related to the part where she says “I’ve been trying to keep up with my writing lately, but the space in my head has been interfering.”  That’s my brick wall!  It’s not writers block, per se, but it is a block, something that I need to climb over.  Or, at the very least, kick it aside and just get writing on my novel again.



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2 responses to “Everything Except Writing

  1. Kick aside… hmm, that’s an interesting way to put it. I think I feel another blog coming on!

  2. Oh, by the way, I do that all the time too. Do everything but writing. It seems that I have every excuse there is. That’s the one weak point I have. That’s where I need to work to be stronger. Maybe if you identify exactly what your weak point is, you’ll be able to become stronger too. We should get stronger together~!

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