Writers Have to be Salespeople Too

I didn’t want to admit it, but I guess at some point becoming a published author will mean I’m trying to sell my book to potential agents and/or publishers.  For the most part though, I shy away from thinking this way, because it feels akin to making cold calls (in the form of a query letter) like I’m some kind of telemarketer.  For me, writing has been a personal and private experience, with the exception of creative writing class workshops which still felt private and not public.  I’ve been writing at home, alone in front of a computer.  Or sitting with my laptop in the corner of a library, alone with my characters in the world I’ve created on the page.  And reading is a private experience too, alone with a good book, escaping into the pages of a world created by imagination.  How do I shift all of that private experience into a public enterprise, and point a spotlight on my characters and the world I’ve written for them, for all the world to see and judge worthy of purchase?  

Myself, I don’t like being ‘encouraged’ to buy things.  I love to bypass all advertising in general.  When I read the newspaper, I deliberately don’t look at ads, scanning instead for text.  I ignore the right hand side of my Facebook page entirely (which is now FULL of ads, although I end up missing people’s birthdays by never looking over there).  Was Facebook always like that? 

Even when I started this blog, I knew that I couldn’t ignore this unfortunate side effect of turning my creative endeavors into products for sale.  But it’s tough to take off my creative hat and put in its place a hat worn by a salesperson.  If I wanted to make a living as a salesperson, I wouldn’t be trying so hard to be a writer!  But ultimately, I guess I have to be both.  My only consolation is that at this moment my product is not quite ready, so I can put off the inevitable a little while longer.


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