What I’m Reading and Triffids

I finished Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars.  The four long short stories (novellas) in the book all seem to have similar themes.  They really feel like they were grouped together for this reason.  I bet Stephen has a drawer full of stories just waiting to be published, and these four were deliberately ‘selected.’  That’s not a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with reoccurring themes, it just seems…calculated…to sell books, I suppose. 

Speaking of reoccurring themes, I just watched the 2009 version of The Day of the Triffids which has awakened in me a strong desire to re-read John Wyndham’s book, which I haven’t read since I was a kid.  Because this television mini-series version of the book seemed to have this reoccurring theme that I have seen in so many post-apocalyptic stories recently, and I want to see if this was in Wyndham’s original tale (written in 1951).  The repetitive theme is that certain individuals will try to rule over others, suppressing freedoms, and killing those who don’t fall in line.  So, if I am to understand from so many of these movies lately, my biggest fear shouldn’t be the Triffids, or any other global threat (insert disease, nuclear war, or zombies here), it should be the fear of some power hungry idiot who wants to rule over what is left of mankind.  I’m sorry, but it just seems that these egomaniacal psychopaths are purely plot devices, like the struggle to just plain old survive won’t be exciting enough.



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2 responses to “What I’m Reading and Triffids

  1. Rebecca Sundberg

    Did you by any chance watch the BBC (I think) production of the TV series Survivors? Post apocalyptic plot in spades – with power hungry psychopaths by the truckload.
    Actually, I thought it was quite good….

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