Pressure to Blog

I put a lot on pressure on myself.  Do a good job at work, go to university and finish my degree, spend time with my hubby and friends, walk my dog, keep my house clean, cook a good meal at home instead of eating out/take out.

Then there is my blog, newly started to help me be accountable to writing something (other than for my university classes) once a week, which would hopefully help me get going on my unfinished second novel again.  Because I keep saying I should get my second novel done before I try to find an agent/publisher for the first novel, so that I am more marketable.

So, I’ve come across blogs, interesting ones at that, abandoned, and I wonder if that will be me someday.  I don’t want to ever abandon my writing.  I certainly do not want to abandon my second novel, or my dream of being published one day.  I don’t want to abandon my education.  Abandoning  my blog would feel like the beginning of the end to all of it, and that is exactly what this blog is supposed to prevent.

Yet the pressure I put on myself to blog (and it’s only once a week to which I’ve committed myself), in addition to all the other pressures of life, would make it easy to say the blog is what has to give.  It would be the easiest thing to cut, the least offensive thing to cross of my life’s ‘to do list.’  But it would be truly sad if I caved to that pressure.  This blog is meant to help me, not torment me.  It is meant to be all the best things about writing, not the worst, (like homework, there is nothing worse than an essay you have to write for class that you are being forced to complete by a deadline).  So I am telling myself = no pressure.  Blogging is great.  Let it inspire you, and inspire others.


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