Word Counts

I think every word counts and usually I can write a lot of them.  But this presents a problem when I am trying to getting something published in a literary magazine.  A local poetry magazine is calling for submissions and they are looking for two to three pages max.  Unfortunately, the assignments I’m working on for my current creative writing class are supposed to be seven to twelve pages.  We’re in groups and take turns submitting for each of the three workshops.  In the group of five people I’m in currently, there is a three page submission, a five pager, two six pagers, and me, twelve pages, and I didn’t even break a sweat.   And my short stories are not very short either.  Luckily, the one contest I was able to enter in and win third prize allowed for up to 5,000 words.  The next year they limited it to 4,000 words and I had nothing short enough to enter.

I certainly feel the most comfortable in the genre of novellas or novels, and then I can be as loquacious as I want.  I felt quite comfortable writing a 60,000 word first novel, as junior fiction and/or young adult novels are comfortably around 50,000 to 80,000 words.  Of course, there are exceptions.  J.K. Rowling certainly pushed the boundaries of what was expected for junior fiction when The Order of the Phoenix topped 250,000 words.

Hopefully I’ll be back counting words on my second novel soon.


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