I have to stop thinking of my writing as some chore that I haven’t got around to yet, like cleaning out the shed or doing my taxes.  I like to write.  I enjoy it.  I like what I’m writing.  So what’s the problem?

The problem is editing.  There is nothing like a batch of edits to kill creative enthusiasm.  There is a certain joy in writing your first draft.  The story idea is there, your characters come alive as you write them.  And coming back to write them over and over again is like realizing its Tuesday and your favourite television show is on in ten minutes.  Woo hoo!

Then comes the editor to say your character needs to be older and there needs to be more of a sense of urgency in your story.  And this is good advice.  Except that the lead actor in your favourite show has just been replaced by someone else, and you just don’t know if you like the new guy yet.  Not to mention you have 110 pages of sifting and rewriting to do if you want to accomplish this change.  If it was your favourite television show asking you to do that much work, you’d probably just stop watching.



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2 responses to “Edits

  1. Rebecca Sundberg

    Interesting comparison. Never mind – you’ll grow to love the new actor – it just takes time.

  2. I love your playful voice. I never would have thought of that comparison but I like it. It is so true! You said you were new to the writing community would you like to write a guest blog for me on some aspect of your writing process? I like to help getting new members.

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