What I’m writing, in general

Last week I was reading ‘According to Brueghel’ by George Bowering, so today I was writing a long poem which was a story ‘according to’ my grandfather’s nephew.  It’s a good story, and I’m glad to have an opportunity to share it as John told it.

But what I’d like to be writing again soon, (and is basically the whole purpose of this blog and the inspiration for the title), is my second novel for junior/young adult readers, which has been cooling on the shelf since December at 35,000 or so words.  My first novel is finished at just over 60,000 words.  As an employee and student, I’ll have to settle for being a weekend novelist for now, but what I won’t settle for is not being one at all. 

Therefore I will have to doing a little writing, so I can do a little blogging about it.


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  1. Rebecca Sundberg

    Love the long poems ‘according to John’. Glad to see you blogging!

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